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Breakthrough Capability

GENIE Shock Technology combines a poppy, playful ride with a bottomless DH feel

Ultimate Control

Measurably better traction than “Bike of the Year” Stumpjumper EVO

Unmatched Personalization

Six-way geometry adjust, mixed wheel or 29”, tunable spring curve, and more

“The Stumpjumper 15 with GENIE gives me the benefits of a big travel bike and the benefits of a short travel bike in one.” ~ Allan Cooke

It's not just a new bicycle, it's a whole new sport

43 Years of Jumpin’ Stumps

In ’81, we unleashed the first Stumpjumper, flipping the switch on mountain biking worldwide. Fast forward through 43 years of blood, sweat, and dirty-toothed grins, and we're dropping the 15th full-suspension Stumpjumper.

Stumpjumper 15 is here to obliterate every trade-off in the trail game. Devour bumps like a big bike? Check. Short-travel control, playfulness, and efficiency? Double check. How about a heaping helping of personalization to make it perfect for the only rider who really matters—you? Check, check, check.

Many (Dirty) Hands, One (Awesome) Bike

Over 50 R&D teammates, each and every one a trail rider, worked for more than three years to develop the Stumpjumper 15.

Thank God Some Kids Stayed in Science Club

Evidence-Based Performance for Riders

The Specialized Science Club creates our full-suspension bikes by developing the chassis, geometry, kinematics, and suspension components as an integrated whole, delivering unmatched performance to riders. While they touched every aspect of the Stumpjumper 15, their crown jewel is GENIE—a best-of-both-worlds suspension tech marvel that'll have you floating over trails like a magic carpet ride.

Thank God, indeed.

“This Stumpy keeps expanding my perception of how hard it can be ridden. It's nuts. It begs you to air into sections that you used to brake into.”
~ Matt Hunter

Breakthrough Capability

Handles bumps better than ‘Bike of the Year’ Stumpjumper EVO

Suspension, geometry, chassis, sizing, and spec work together to calmly dispatch every condition from big hits to steep descents to technical climbs.

GENIE - The Magic Carpet Ride

Grants Every Trail Rider’s Three Wishes

1 - Coil spring bump performance
2 - Air spring bottom-out prevention
3 - Tunable platform for a poppy feel

"The all-new Stumpjumper with GENIE feels like it has so much more travel than it does on paper. That thing eats through trails!”
- Georgia Leslie, Specialized UK Brand Manager

Eats Bumps Like an Enduro

16.3% better bump force management than ‘Bike of the Year’ Stumpjumper EVO

Stickier Than Your Ex’s Instagram Likes

57% Better Traction Than a Standard Air Spring

Bye, Bye, Bottom Outs

39% fewer severe bottom outs compared to a standard air spring

Crush Like a Big Bike, Jib Like a Jumper

GENIE Devours Bumps and Provides a Playful Platform

GENIE provides a platform you can trust in the turns or when pumping the backside. The second-stage rising rate makes for a fun, playful bike that can still plow like a bike with much more travel. Truly “best of both worlds” rideability.
“One of my favorite traits of the new Stumpy is that it somehow manages to feel both soft and poppy. Those used to be opposites.” ~ Matt Hunter

wheel force to travel comparison

Grade On a Curve, GENIE Gets an “A”

Spring Curve Detail

The graph illustrates the relationship between bump force and wheel travel of Stumpjumper 15 and Stumpjumper EVO. Note that 1,080 Newton impact force results in 101 MM of travel on the Stumpjumper 15 and Enduro, whereas the Stumpjumper EVO only uses 87 MM of travel to absorb the same force.

Frame of Reference

Form Follows Fun

We engineered the FACT 11M carbon and M5 Alloy chassis – front end, rear end, and the link between them – as a single unit that hits the stiffness target we established for trail riding.

Anti Squat

The Ride Dynamics team establishes optimal anti-squat targets for each riding experience. As the quintessential trail bike, Stumpjumper 15 balances efficiency and optimal bump force management. We found the sweet spot after analyzing extensive quantitative data and qualitative feedback.

Who Says You Can’t Take it With You?


The SWAT 4.0 of the Stumpjumper 15 elevates downtube storage. It’s the smoothest operating, most weather-resistant, flush-mounted system on the planet.

Geometry Honed to Rule All Trails

Capability and Control by the Numbers

The Stumpjumper 15 geometry delivers big bike capability when you need it, a nimble feel in tight sections, and lively, efficient climbing manners. The generous cockpit centers you on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack head tube angle, and optimized fork offset keep things stable in the rough. Three rear-center dimensions across the size range optimize handling for riders of different sizes.

Have it Your Way

Benchmark Geo Adjustability

Seamlessly integrated adjustability makes Stumpjumper 15 the most personalizable trail bike ever. Six distinct geometry settings allow you to hone its performance for any style, any terrain. The head angle is adjustable to three settings between 63 and 65.5 degrees via a unique eccentric upper headset cup. Fine-tune the bottom bracket height up or down by 7mm by swapping the Horst link chips. Drop it down for a more stable ride, or set it high for clearance.


Select the Size that Suits Your Style (Not Your Inseam)

S-Sizing is based on what matters: rider style, not inseam. Six sizes, all with similar head tube lengths and standover, allow you to choose the size that best suits how you ride. Smaller S-Size numbers will be more nimble, thanks to their shorter reach and front-center measurement, while bigger S-Sizes deliver more stability and a roomier ride.

Wheel Good

Big Wheels or Mixed, You Choose

With our aftermarket shock links, you can choose between big wheels front and rear or mix things up with a 27.5” rear for a more responsive and playful ride. No matter what you choose, geometry is unaffected.