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Service & Repair

We're Service Pros

Whether you need a minor adjustment or a complete overhaul, we're here to help. At Roy's Cyclery, our bike mechanics are friendly and experienced, and we can help diagnosis your bike's issues and get your back on the road or trail quickly. We always provide a free, no-obligation estimate before we begin any work - bring your bike in today and we'll get you rolling in no time!

General Services

Preventative Maintenance (standard tune-up)$125.00
Deluxe Tune-Up (overhaul bb, hubs, head set)$150.00
Total Break Down & Build Pp (includes cables, chain)$Varies
1 Speed Tune-Up$85.00
Frame Swap$250.00
Frame Swap (warranty)$100.00
Drive Train Cleaning$35.00
Box Bike for Shipping (box included)$85.00
Assemble Boxed Bike (1 speed)$65.00
Assemble Boxed Bike (geared)$85.00
Professional Assembly (drop off bike parts)$350.00
Professional Assembly (purchased from Roy's)$250.00

Tire Maintenence

Tube/Tire/Liner install front$10.00
Tube/Tire/Liner install Rear$10.00
Tube/Tire/Liner install (Motor)$35.00
Sew-up Tire install$35.00

Wheel Maintenence

Wheel True$35.00
Custom Wheel Build$85.00
Wheel Build (front)$85.00
Wheel Build (rear)$85.00
Hub Adjustment$20.00
Front Hub Overhaul$30.00
Rear Hub Overhaul$30.00
Rear Hub Overhaul (internal gear)$65.00
Chain Install$15.00
Chain Install - (customer supplied)$15.00
Cassette - F/W Install or Replace$15.00

Brake Maintenence

Brake Adjustment (canti / v / u / cable disc)$15.00
Brake Cable Install$15.00
Brake Set Install (canti / v / u)$25.00
Disc Brake Install (mechanical)$25.00
Disc Brake Install (with bleed)$35.00
Bleeding / Adjusting Disc Brakes (each)$25.00
Brake Lever Install$15.00
Brake Lever Install (hydraulic)$35.00
Brake Lever Install (with shifter)$45.00
Brake Lever Install (with shifter & re-tape)$55.00
Rotor/Gyro Install$35.00


Derailleur Adjustment$15.00
Derailleur Cable Install$20.00
Derailleur Install (with cable)$25.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment$25.00
Shifter Install (each)$20.00
Shifter Install (with brake lever)$35.00

Forks & Headsets

Fork Install$35.00
Fork Install (with cut)$45.00
Overhaul Air Suspension Fork (not including seals)$135.00
Overhaul Oil Suspension Fork (not including seals)$135.00
Install Headset$25.00
Overhaul Headset$25.00
Adjust Headset$15.00
Fork Drop Out Alignment$45.00

Frame Maintenence

Tap Bottom Bracket$35.00
Suspension Linkage Overhaul$100.00
Rear Drop Out Alignment$35.00
Face Bottom Bracket or Head$35.00


BMX Bar Install$15.00
ATB Bar or Stem Install$35.00
Riser Bar Install (with cables)$65.00
Road Bar Install (with tape)$60.00
Aero Bar Install$60.00
Bar Tape Install$15.00

Cranks & Pedals

Overhaul 1 or 3 Piece Crank$20.00
Overhaul 3 Piece BMX Crank$25.00
Install Bottom Bracket (threaded)$25.00
Install Bottom Bracket (press in)$25.00
Noise/Creek in Bottom Bracket$35.00
Adjustment Bottom Bracket (1 piece)$20.00
Adjustment Bottom Bracket (3 piece)$20.00
Chainring Install (single)$15.00
Chainring Install (multi)$20.00
Pedal/Shoe/Cleat Install$10.00
Pedal/Shoe/Cleat Install (purchased from Roy's)FREE